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Facebook Marketing has gained momentum in the recent years with the rise of business advertising options. This recent popularization of facebook, have opened up various marketing channels for advertisers.

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Unlike Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter advertising, Facebook has its own set of strategies and techniques for promotion. Facebook is considered to be one of the most effective platforms for advertising as it has the power to connect with millions of online users.

Did you know that according to a research, Australia will emerge as a world leader in spending on eAdvertising? Undoubtedly, we cannot undermine the effective role of facebook when in advertising. There are a range of companies in the market which are targeting audiences in Melbourne through Facebook advertising. Live SEO Service is one such renowned company which has its own market share and a very successful track record over the years established.

Our experts can handle your facebook marketing campaigns efficiently well. Our brand communication experts can listen, engage and respond to your customers according to the latest marketing trends. You can also monitor the progress of your campaigns with our detailed and comprehensive reports. We excel in

Facebook can play an instrumental role in helping you drive high traffic to your website. It gives you an opportunity to grow your customer base by manifolds. Hence, in a nutshell, it has the potential to improve your sales by increasing your online visibility among your customers.

Our Process

Our process is simple when it comes to Facebook marketing campaigns. Our team of social media marketers focus on updating the posted content, comprehensive reporting of the content. We are also adept in monitoring and participating in your conversations with the audience. Our ultimate goal is to think of creative ways to increase your visibility in the market. Three core areas on which we focus when it comes to Facebook Marketing include conversion, awareness and consideration.

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Unbeatable Benefits of Facebook Marketing Your Business Should Consider

  • Cost Effective : Small businesses can depend on Facebook campaigning for promoting their businesses. You can simply start with your Facebook page which display all information about your products and services without costing you any money.
  • Facebook Ads : There can be no other way to brand your business and reach out to millions of users at one time. Facebook provides you with ample number of opportunities to target your loyal customers.

What We Do

We help you foster the relationships you have with your loyal and potential customers. Our team of social media marketers ensure that you can connect with your customers on a deeper level and work according to their requirements. We believe in creating your brand story in a splendid way so as to attract more customers to your business. We manage a series of activities ranging from developing creative Facebook applications to managing your online communities. You are just a click away from building your brand name and promoting your business incredibly via Facebook campaigning.

  • Facebook Audience Identification - Finding and Targeting the right audience for your Website Services in facebook.
  • Build the Facebook Page - If you do not have a Facebook business page, Let us know we can create one.
  • Creative Ads - We will Design an attractive creative ad to target your audience.
  • Reports - By using Facebook Insights and Google Analytics, we track and monitor your Facebook ads performance and re progress in detail with you.

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