Website optimization services

Website optimization services

Increase the earning of your business with our highly affordable website optimization services.

website speed optimization

Is your website sluggish or even slightly slow in loading? Well, it can be very detrimental for your website. Did you know that according to a recent research, it was concluded that 40% of the people abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load? You could be losing out on the major chunk of your potential customers because of the low performance of your website. Therefore, first step to building your online web presence will be to optimize your website.

The most effective way to have your website appear on the front page of the search engine for a long term is website optimization. Live SEO services is a dedicated company which offers unrivaled website optimization services in Australia. Our experts will make sure that your website is perfectly optimized for the search engine. You need to remember that in order to make a place in organic rankings, this is the very first step of the ladder. You cannot compromise on this aspect as it determines the workings of your services.

Website optimization might take a few months but it is extremely beneficial for long term results. We aim at speeding up your web page downloads, improving your conversion rates, increasing your traffic. We specialize in website redesigning, pay per click optimization, search engine optimization and speed optimization.

When we talk about website optimization, we use a variety of tools like Google website optimizer, visual website optimizer and others, including A/B and multivariate testing methods. Based on that we decide what needs to be updated or revised to increase the overall website performance. We don't stick to just one technique to get you the desired results for speeding the performance of your website. We follow a mix and match of various strategies to suit your business requirements.

Our Process

At Live SEO Service, we offer high quality and reliable website optimization services that can empower your businesses. We follow individualized approach for your business according to size and requirements of your business.

web speed
  • Drive qualified traffic and more qualified visitors through PPC advertising campaigns.
  • Improve credibility of your business through professional and user friendly designing.

Why choose Live SEO Service?

  • Expert analysis of your website
  • Comprehensive reporting of your website
  • Best page load time possible for your website
  • Hassle free services and expertise advice from our specialists
  • Expertise in optimizing static sites, WordPress, Magento, Joomla and other websites
  • Maximum Google PageSpeed Score possible with your website

Our website optimization services are designed to

  • Increase load speed of your web pages to retain the visitors and increase usability
  • Improve conversion rates to generate more leads for your business
  • Increase search engine rankings to attract more visitors through organic SEO

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